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Hello forum friends!

My name is Ryan and I'm an owner of a beautiful 2018 Atlas in Tourmaline Blue Metallic. This is the SE with technology, FWD with the 3.6L V6. I wanted the 4 cyl initially, but they didn't have them with the SE and tech, so here we are! Anything above the SE was too much and not worth the huge increase in cost, in my opinion and for my needs (desires).

It all started when they told us that they would not be fixing my 2013 Passat TDI w/ 6 speed manual trans. Apparently the fix was based on transmission shift points and time spent at certain RPM ranges, so they couldn't fix the manual versions. I really hated this, since I loved my Passat. Too bad for me, but now I love my Atlas. I just terribly miss getting 600-700 miles per tank. I love my new car, so now we wait on the upgrades!
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