Samsung Galaxy S10 plus not compatible with infotainment system?


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I have a 2019 SE Atlas, when at the dealership we set up Android Auto seamlessly.
My favorite music streaming app is Pandora(almost never listen to the radio)and I was ecstatic I could access pandora right from the screen as if I was using the app on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7.
I recently upgraded my phone to the S10 Plus and although I can play Pandora over the bluetooth connection, I no long have any accessibility on the infotainment system.
Things I have tried:
-Uninstalling-reinstalling Pandora
-Unistalling-reinstalling Android Auto
-Unpairing-pairing s10+
-Resetting to factory settings
-Using original cable/using generic
-Tried to update infotainment system and was prompted to take to dealership.

I'm leaning towards having to take the Vehicle in and have the infotainment system updated, I would be very surprised if my phone ends up not being compatible and honestly I'd be incredibly annoyed as this should have been a seamless experience.

I'm not tech savvy by any means but I gave it shot. Any ideas?