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2023 VW Atlas SE with Tech
I recently took ownership of a 2023 Atlas SE w/Tech VR6 and have noticed a couple of things. It came with the LED headlights with what I thought were outside lights being low beam and the inside lights (closest to the grill) being high beam. That is not the case. The inside “lenses” are empty (no bulbs) and the cornering/fog lights are housed in the side of the headlight housing closest to the grill. The DRL (daytime running lights) are the little thin lights below the main headlights, of which there are 2 per side. The outside lights light up but the inside lights do not. I know this is because only higher trim models, SEL & up, have 2 sets of DRL. I’m also not 100% sure why they’d put the fog/cornering lights up as high as they did. My 2018 Atlas SE w/Tech had the fog/cornering lights down below the bumper cover and gave better ground coverage.
The other concern I have, is that it’s missing the lane assist (or lane departure warning), and I can’t figure it out. I have the icon on my digital dash, between the clock and temp, but it’s white and does not light up. It doesn’t even give me the option of activating it. I have speed, ACC, cruise control, side assist, rear traffic alert, front assist, and that’s it. Not sure if this is something not available on my trim level but everything I’ve read says that it’s standard feature. It was standard on my ‘18 Atlas
Thank you for any help or assistance. Attaching photos for dash reference