New Atlas Owner in SoCal

Just wanted to introduce myself. We just picked up a 2018 Reflex Silver SE 4motion R-line with Tech and rear captains chair packages. We traded in my wife's 2016 GLC300 4Matic which had become too small to schlep 2 rear facing car seats and all of the associated child paraphernalia.

We were not expecting to buy a V-Dub. We had been shopping 2015 Q7 TDI's and taking a passing glance at the new Chrysler Pacifica. My wife was balking at the minivan despite its extreme convenience. We are both car people and have cycled through 14 vehicles since 2012 on the endless hunt for the perfect car with an equally endless waste of money. In just shy of 6 years we have cycled through

1974 914 2.0
2008 Subaru STi - Heavily Modded 400+WHP
2007 BMW 328i
2010 VW Tiguan -Tuned
2012 Audi Q5 - Tuned
2012 BMW X3 35i
2009 Porsche Cayman
2015 F-150 XLT 4X4
2016 Mercedes GLC 4Matic - Tuned
2017 Ford Focus Electric
2005 SV-650
1995 E-350 4X4 7.3L Powerstroke Camper- Heavily Modded 350hp 700ftlbs
2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 4x4
2018 VW Atlas

When we realized that the Q7 of that generation did not have bluetooth streaming music it was a deal breaker despite having a very nice Prestige with EVERY option on deck and ready to purchase. The night we bought the Atlas we were looking at the Explorer Sport with the big dog 3.5L but the fit of the car seats was a bit tight with the captains chairs. I told my wife we should stop by and look at the new Atlas despite my assumption that it would be underpowered and would not scratch the "cool car" itch. I always want to do my due diligence before buying any car, and the Atlas appeared to have good packaging.

We walked into the showroom and there was this Silver R-line sitting in the center of the room, so I stroll over and start messing with the rear captains chair. It was late and none of the sales people seemed to be interested in coming over. After a minute or two one of them drew the short straw and wandered over to say hello. I was still screwing around trying to figure out the seat which was in between the "rear access" position and "fold flat" presumably from some other equally confused customer, though I am chalking mine up to car buying fatigue and the previous persons to stupidity ;) . I asked him to show me how it worked and instantly realized we were buying the Atlas. ************************************************************************************************* I thought, I dont want this car.

So we test drove it and while it is a dog, its not as slow as I figured it would be. The interior packaging is unbeatable, the other 3 row manufacturers should be embarrassed how much more usable space the comparably sized Atlas has. Against the Highlander, Pilot, Explorer and CX9 its not even a close race (no comment on the traverse, didnt look at it, wont own a Chevy). Poor salesman who drew the short straw was about to get an easy sell. I told him we wanted the car on the showroom floor, told him I needed 33 for my trade in and wanted 2K off of MSRP and if he did that I wouldn't beat him up over another 1500-2000 and haggle with him all night. He made it work, I said ok, my wife took an uber home and I stayed and bought a car.

The Atlas has every piece of tech the Q7 we were looking at had (minus the AWESOME Audi Adaptive Air suspension), a fair bit of tech the Q7 didnt, and a killer warranty thanks to VW's diesel cheating. I wish you could get the EA888 4 banger in the 4Motion so I could mod it, but alas, the Atlas will just have to be a car I dont play with much. We are at a point in our lives where car that we dont have to worry/think about and that serve their purpose with little fanfair are a must. I commute in an electric Ford Focus because it got me off the motorcycle and still allows me to take the car pool lane, save 45 minutes a day, and get to spend that time with my wife and kids. We bought the Atlas because it has copious amounts of room, great tech, is comfortable and quiet, has a great AWD system and a pretty unbeatable warranty (I dont think the Korean's 10/100 warranty is worth the paper it is printed on).

Here she is, our 2 year old named her Daisy

My only toy now is the Sprinter in the background which we take everywhere....a little better shot of GRETA


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Congrats and welcome!


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Congrats and welcome!

As for the power and acceleration: I'm almost 60 and really don't want a car that will run off on my anymore. LOL. I have found that maintaining cruising speeds up to and in excess of 80 mph out here in the Wild West is pretty solid.

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